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Cut Off Tool Holder
Cut off tool holder

Tool Post
Tool Post

Vertical height adjustment
Vertical Height Adj.



Quick Change Tooling

With a complete line of precision, height adjustable, quick change tooling systems designed for all turning machines with CNC controls. Custom tooling is available. By increasing your productivity, you also increase profit.

Increase Your Productivity

Engbar Corporation is the result of two generations of quality engineering in the design that results in holds more than 7 patents and is a second generation tooling manufacturer.


Base Block Tool Holder

RB-0001 for Haas GT-10
RB-0001 Base Block for Haas GT-10
RB-0002 Base Block for Haas GT-20

RB-0003 for Haas GT-10
RB-0003 Riser Block for Haas GT-10
RB-0004 Riser Block for Haas GT-20

CNC Tools

Prices subject to change.  Call for current prices


Tool  block

Vertical Height Adjustable

Multi Tool

Main Tool

This tool, has multiple tool attatchments.  These various tools can be changed into different positions and can be used in a multi process CNC Lathe like the Haas GT-10 (shown below)Haas GT-10

Haas GT-10 CNC Lathe